Main Bridges in DAVAO CITY.



These photos are taken in Davao City, on the two main bridges which unites two main parts of Davao city, the city proper and the subdivisions. The bridges connects the east and west side of Mindanao. Bankerohan bridge is one of the busiest bridges here in in the city proper, reasons to why it is considered the busiest since it it is near Davao Doctors hospital, Ateneo De Davao, Univeristy of Mindanao, squatter houses and markets. Both lanes can be hectic especially going home and to work. Bankerohan is considered one of the oldest bridges here in Davao, although the original bridge was bombed during World War II to delay the Japanese in transporting goods and troops across the land.

As for Bolton bridge it wouldn’t be as traffic compared to Bankerohan and is more recent. Bolton bridge is located near the open ocean and Agro soccer field. Although in the sides of the bridge you would see squatters living on the river side.




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