True Friends

It has been almost a year since I have last posted anything on my blog, practically busy with almost about anything. I miss writing and letting all my emotions out through words, I miss taking photos daily and I miss thinking of what to post. Well I’m back, I’m back to continue my blog and to tell my stories. It is currently 4:00 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to write to you guys whoever reads my blog. Story per photo.

Well… where to start off. Last June, I was depressed and coping up with my loneliness, envy and anger. I would keep my emotions to myself pretending to be happy, pretending that everything is alright. I’ve been drinking alcohol and I have lost my way.  I would feel sad why I had no girlfriend since birth while my other friends had, my emotions caught me up with everything. I would make up problem and over think my problems. But this is where things start to change, I met these new amazing people in my life just when I was about to give up on my life. I would start to open up and help them with my so called problems and I would feel better. I can’t believe that all I had to do was open up and let someone listen. I learned so much from last year, even though people would tell me that it was one of the worst year in history. Well that is life, their would always be our ups and downs in our life, who said that our life would be perfect, who said that it would be magical. Our life is not a movie where things are always beautiful, we have to stick to reality and face our problems.

I have been running away from most of my fears and problems thinking that it would be the best solution, but it turns out it won’t instead it would run after me. We all have to face our fears everyday, the moment we open our eyes from our deep sleep we must face the day. You can’t fall asleep again and wait for a month for you pay day. You won’t go anywhere with just closing your eyes. Don’t run away from fear, run to fear and embrace it. But at times I can’t help facing my problems all the time, well that is the best part. Each of us should have a break from everything and that is the story on how I took this photo.

It was the second week of January, me and my two other friends were eating in burger joint Cebu city at 8:00 o’clock in the night. We were talking about how painful it was working out in the GYM and we would laugh it out. Our conversations would go through different ranges, from the funniest to weirdest idea. But my friend name Tiana suddenly suggested that we should go to Tops which is in Busay. We all looked at each other and happily agreed with the plan. We all went to our homes and got changed, then Tiana drove me and Shanesse to the mountains in the middle of the night. As we were on our way to Busay we opened our windows, it was a cold breezy night, as we felt the cold wind as it runs down our skin, you would hear the crickets talking in the night and breathing in the fresh air.We passed by the Temple of Leah, saw the city of Cebu as we got higher. Finally we reached the Tops, we parked the car and walked towards the view of Cebu City which is the featured image. You can practically see the whole city, Talamban, Lapu-Lapu island, Fuente, Mabolo, Liloan and SM Seaside. As I breath in the fresh air and watch the city lights twinkle it felt good to be away from everything and enjoy this moment of your life. But most of all I enjoyed who I was with, seated together with your best friends and chilling.

From that day on I learned that it  matters the people who you are with, I watched this video and I had this quote in my mind since the day I watched it the speaker said “You show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” That hit me so hard, and as I looked as my friends I can say that they are my true friends, that I can be a better person. Hang out with the right people, people who want you to succeed, people who care about you. Because they are rare to have. True friends will say what is right rather than what you want to hear, true friends have fights and resolve it after. Because fights are supposed to make us stronger rather than to bring us down.

For those tourists coming to Cebu City I would suggest that you should go to Tops in Busay. You would enjoy seeing the whole City. The best place to relax and enjoy your time with your true friends. I hope you guys enjoyed this short story and I just edited this picture since my friend suggested that I should try editing and this is my first time. Take care of your friends, make them become better and as well as yourself. True friends would stick around through thick and thin, treasure them. That’s all and i hope you learned something

This picture below is during day time.


During night time.



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