University of San Carlos PLAY


The University of San Carlos proudly presents the Choir, Theater guild and Dance troupe to combine with this theater play. This was held in South Campus, San Carlos Cebu City last Friday August 26, 2016 at 7 pm. They performed very well and had a great story on how the characters were able to save the Theater.

The costumes was extravagant, the Choir voice was excellent, the actors/actresses emphasized their emotions perfectly and the Dance troupe was able to express the emotions of the characters through movement.

It was extraordinary and simple. Why? They combined different groups into one performance and it gave me the goose bumps. Also some of the choir members  played the part as an actor/actress to make it a successful Broadway.

I have more pictures from other events which kept me busy since the past months. Stay tuned for more.

Fashion designer: Sir. Peewee

Head of the Choir, Dance troupe and Acting: Ms. Cathy


Love Birds
The messenger
Evil guy
Theater owner
bad girl
Mean girl
The trios
cute girl
Cute girl
Black and white



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