Accept each others differences.

Mactan bridge.

This picture is taken at 5:30, on a yacht Lapu-Lapu city. This is a picture of Mactan bridge on a sunset. Hope this picture can give you inspiration.

Camera equipment.

I was just trying out in taking photos during a photo shoot in Cebu Yacht Club.


I just wanted to give you guys a little hope for those who have lost it by saying something about this picture. I’m sure you guys can see clearly the broken pencil. Sometimes, we are like that pencil, we get broken each time, we try to impress others and in the end only impressing no one. We are all meant to be different, we have different purposes in life and if you try to be another replica of another person then you are getting nowhere. For now you may be broken, but again you have to stand up and face the day. I mean who said that life would be easy, we are challenged in life differently and don’t just run away because in the end the problem will still be there running after you. So face it. Sharpen your mind, don’t let the difference in you be stopped by other people. Yes, people will bring you down and degrade you… but we shouldn’t go down with them. WE should go up by being stronger. I got this post from Facebook saying “Life is like an exam, the reason why most of us fail is because we try copying others.” We each have our own timeline, some of us may not be successful for now. But if we strive hard you’ll get to where you’re going. YOU CAN DO IT!!!




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