When I came home from school, I didn’t feel like studying, reviewing, or practically doing any school work but I decided that I would take photos in the lobby, I always wanted to do this silhouette effect ever since I came to my apartment. And I truly enjoy doing photography.

When I look at my photos, the first thing that comes into my head is mystery and pain. Why so? Because a silhouette picture is like a stranger we see every day, we don’t know their background, their history. But for sure they are filled with love, joy, danger, and stories with a thousand words. And once you get to know one the silhouette effect fades away.

But at the same time I see pain in most of the pictures, and I have something special to say. Their are two simple choices in life, you either take the road of pain to success or the the pain of being haunted… by regret. Same goes with problems you either choose to make yourself stronger than your problems, or get weaker with your problems. YOUR PICK!!!

Hope you guys do enjoy the pictures and quotes I share. Do comment anything below, criticize, advice or anything. Thanks, have a great day guys.

Photographer: Thirdy Quinto                                                                                                                         Email:


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