BuDa, Bukidnon Davao (Photo Challenge)

Wild berry Farm.

Go to the Philippines, in BuDa (Bukidnon Davao)  try out BuDa’s very own sweet strawberry shake. The name of the small yet simple restaurant is called “Wild Berry farms.”

Bemwa farms.

Bemwa Farms. They supply the most fresh vegetables to the top restaurants and malls here in Davao City. Mainly Bigbys, S&R, and much more. Try out also their fresh dressings.


Experience the long road trips to any part of Mindanao.

-From Davao City to Cagayan De Oro is only for 6 hour drive.

-From Davao City to Bukindnon is only for 3-5 hour drive.

-From Davao City to Surigao is only 7-8 hour drive.

-From Davao City to Mati is only 6 hour drive.

-From Davao City to to Panabo is only 2-3 hour drive.

-From Davao City to Tagum is only 3-4 hour drive

Mindanao, BuDa (Bukindnon Davao.)

On the road to Cagayan, Cotabato city and Bukidnon. You will enjoy the sights of the mountains both on your left and right. Hope you can come.

Rainy days and Monday’s get me down.

Photographed by my dad.


Earth. Every time I go back home in Davao. I can feel the true presence of earth. In Mindanao, which can be found at the South of the Philippines is known for its mountainous areas, Parks within the hills, water rafting, fresh water, abundant supply of fruits and vegetables. Here you can go away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in Manila and Cebu. Here in Mindanao, you can feel the breezy and relaxing wind.

Earth is almost endangered, rivers are being poisoned, forests are being destroyed, animals getting extinct. And just so you know, every time we kill our very own home, we are also killing ourselves. And this might be our only home, so we got to protect it.


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  1. Dane Cubacub says:

    Nice pictures! 🙂

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    1. Thirdy says:

      Thank you so much for the reply, I just checked out your blog and left a comment. Thanks again for the motivation.


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